Thursday, 12 December 2019

Mystery trotting horse long code

I don't know if anyone can interpret the code in the photograph better than I can from the base in real life - sharpened up by Photoshop it looks as if it might be MF17 325 or similar..

It is a smallish horse - pony size maybe - and thoughts were either a Cossack horse or possibly an Ancients one?

MYSTERY SOLVED - this is LCH 5s light cavalry horse prancing


Rick Priestley said...

I have the same horse... and the same problem. The code is scratched into the base and very hard to make out - it's a pretty horse! The base on mine is very thin - which is unusual in itself. I can't match the code to anything I know of. Compare with LH 1s (Horse and Musket period Horse) and it has a similar treatment of the base, harnessing and tail - might be a clue.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Thanks Rick.

I've got about 25 of these and I've just been through every last one. Three have a legible code on the underside of the base and it is ... LCH 5s so light cavalry horse prancing.

That means all of the original series of heavy cavalry horses and all but two of the light cavalry horses are now identified with photos. I suspect a bit more rooting around in boxes of cavalry figures with their riders glued on may yield a few more, particularly the ECW ones if i can find them.

So while we may not be able to get to an exhaustive list I think there may be more progress to be made.

Vintage Wargaming said...

I am also now wondering whether the mystery horse with the MF marking might not be LCH 2s light cavalry horse charging