Tuesday, 16 June 2015

ACW Unit - ACW 6s Marine on guard

These are a recent ebay purchase which arrived painted as two separtae Confederate militia battalions. They are retored to their propoer colours as a large battalion of US Marines - the officers are French Crimean ones. I hope this unit will also find a role (possibly split into two battalions) with the Georland forces.

These have been hanging around....

Two units which have been waiting part done for around six months while over things have jumped them in the queue - PFP 3s Saxon Line Infantry plus another PFP 5s Prussian Line Infantry. This finishes my current Franco Prussian War figures, with the exception of eight or so generals and staff figures.

 I am hoping these will form part of the forces for a refight of some of the Georland battles, now I have acquired both some of the old TSS 122 hex tiles and a 6" hex mat from Corsec Engineering. 

(George Keef's original Georland armies used 40mm demi ronde Franco Prussian War figures. If I was able to start from scratch I think I woould have gone for Spencer Smith 30mm Classic FPW figures as it is i am intending to use S Range Crimean and FPW figures, with a few ACW reinforcements - Zouaves and Marines).

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Help with ID please

Any help on this figure would be much appreciated. It has been suggested it might be an American War of Independence figure but the cut of the coat seems more French Napoleonic.

AWI 1s American War of Independence General

Monday, 4 May 2015

Hundred Years War Ranges Unit pictures

Over the last five to six weeks I have been painting S Range Hundred Years War figures and have now just about finished. I previously had been painting a large quantity of Lamming Medievals. The two makers are not compatible, to my eyes at least, so the S Range figures are intended for use with Lion Rampant rules, while the Lammings are intended to use the old Lamming Campaign rules. I have very few S Range mounted figures but far more Lamming knights.

Here are some unit pictures. As ever the painting is basic (no shading, no heraldry) and some of the photos are not as good as I would have liked, but the purpose is to show these figures en masse.

first picture: mounted knights

standard bearer

Then the missile troops:


armoured archers

unarmoured archers

hand gunners - early

hand gunners - late


armoured infantry with polearms

mixed unit pole weapons


foot knights and armoured infantry

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Update - Massacheussetts Light Company Infantryman and officer AWI 3s and 4s

Pictures have been added to the posts for these figures

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Identification help needed

Two figures in similar poses, the first definoitely Eastern, the other Renaissance? If anyone can identify either or both figure and their S Range code I would be very grateful.

Pictures added

Photos have been added to the posts for ESW 5s Highland Grenadier and HYA 6 armoured crossbowman. My thanks to ebay seller nowisyourtimemaitland for sending me the crossbowman as an extra with some other figures I bought from hum.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Figure identification help - one piece casting cavalry figures

I recently picked up these figures and haven't been able confidently to match them up to listings. Can anyone help? The first figure looks Byzantine/early medieval The second Renaissance or Medieval And the last Eaatern Ancient, Medieval or Renaissance
Any help would be appreciated.

Hundred Years War ranges - photos added

I have been able to add loads of new photos of foot figures in the HYW, HYC, HYP and HYA ranges. I hope to make some progress on identifying the mounted figures I have and then adding photos of these to posts.

Renaissance range - photos addes

I have added photos to posts for Landknechts and Janissaries