Sunday, 26 April 2015

Update - Massacheussetts Light Company Infantryman and officer AWI 3s and 4s

Pictures have been added to the posts for these figures

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Identification help needed

Two figures in similar poses, the first definoitely Eastern, the other Renaissance? If anyone can identify either or both figure and their S Range code I would be very grateful.

Pictures added

Photos have been added to the posts for ESW 5s Highland Grenadier and HYA 6 armoured crossbowman. My thanks to ebay seller nowisyourtimemaitland for sending me the crossbowman as an extra with some other figures I bought from hum.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Figure identification help - one piece casting cavalry figures

I recently picked up these figures and haven't been able confidently to match them up to listings. Can anyone help? The first figure looks Byzantine/early medieval The second Renaissance or Medieval And the last Eaatern Ancient, Medieval or Renaissance
Any help would be appreciated.

Hundred Years War ranges - photos added

I have been able to add loads of new photos of foot figures in the HYW, HYC, HYP and HYA ranges. I hope to make some progress on identifying the mounted figures I have and then adding photos of these to posts.

Renaissance range - photos addes

I have added photos to posts for Landknechts and Janissaries

ECW photo added

This photo has been addes to tge post for ECWS 1s. It is of an earlier one piece casting, probably of this figure code.

SYW photos added

Photos have been added to the posts for ESW 1s, ESW 7s, ESW 15s, and the one piece casting for FSW 1s

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Identification help please - Hundred Years War cavalry

I have a number of cavalry figures from the Hundred Years War range and Crecy, Poitiers and possibly Agincourt sub ranges. As they carry no code numbers and there are a number of figures with similar descriptions, I have not been able to identify any of them with confidence, If anyone can therfore identify any of the following figures with any authority, I would be very glad to hear from you via comments. The sixth figure down is holding a sword down his side, obscured by the camera angle - sorry!

Hundred Years War Range

Minifigs produced a number of S Range medieval ranges. The Hunderd Years war range comprised thirteen foot and three mounted figures. There were also sub ranges for the Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt periods which between them added a further eighteen fooy and twelve mounted figures. The original catalogues I have only list the main Hundered Years War range so the other listings are taken from Vintage 20mil.

HYW 1s Dismounted knight attacking

HYW 2s Dismounted knight defending

HYW 3s English longbowman

This figure can be distinguished from the Crecy longbowman (HYC 6) as the latter has mail and a moustache.

HYW 4s Halberdier

HYW 5s Genoese crossbowman

No picture of this figure is currently available