Saturday, 10 May 2014

Unit picture - AWI Highlanders

A reasonably recent ebay purchase was this unit of AWI Highlanders in bonnet and trews. The infantryman and foot officer figures are from the AWI range (AWI 12s and AWI 15s). The piper and also I think the mounted officer are from the Jacobite Rebellion range.

The refurbishment involved leaving the trews as they were but repainting pretty much everything else, in my version of Fraser's Highlanders, the 71st Foot. The figures are mounted on pennies to fit into movement trays from Warbases.

I have a very soft spot for the AWI and SYW ranges, which are noticeably more slender sculpts than other ranges I particularly like, including the Jacobite Rebellion, Crimean and Franco Prussian figures.

Picture added - FFPC 2s Franco Prussian War French Dragoons

My thanks to Alan M for these figures which is has taken me a long time to find horses for, to paint, and then finally to photopgraph.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

ECWS 1s English Civil War General;

Lurking at the back of the S range catalogue under "Miscellaneous Figures" is this ECW general.

ECW units - horse

I recently accquired two large lots of S range figures at a very good price, which included a large number of ECW figures, along with others. The first lot mainly contained pikemen and artillerymen while the second lot from the same seller provided a large number of cavalry.

In a number of posts which follow are pictures of those figures I have refurbished so far. They comprise a good proportion of the figures in theS range  ECW list.

This post kicks off with two units of Royalist Horse, including figures ECWC 1s Cavalier, ECWC 6s Royalist Horse Trumpeter, and ECWS 1s English Civil War General. There are a couple of figures whose swords have been converted to pistols.

Then some pictures of individual figures

ECWC 2s Roundhead

ECWC 6s Royalist Horse Trumpeter

ECWC 9s Mounted Drummer

ECWS 1s English Civil War General

The Parliamentarian horse units are currently under refurbishment and I will add some pictures when they are completed.

ECW units - cuirassiers

Here are two Cuirassier units. The first are early one piece castings while the second unit uses figures which I think have come from the Thirty Years War range.

ECW units - rabble

With a couple of the later Minifigs in the last row, this is a useful assembly of rabble, militiia, villagers or clubmen. The majority of figures are either ECW 8s or 9s. i think they look rather well together.

Split identity - ECW dragoons

I have two different types of S range mounted dragoons, and two are listed - ECWC 4s Scottish Dragoon  and ECWC 5s English Dragoon. Throuble is - I don't know which is which. I regret the quality of the picture is not great either.

There is also a Scots cavalryman which does not appear on any S range list I have seen. It may be a jacobite Rebellion figure.

ECW Pikemenn

A variety of pikemen were included in the recent purchase of a large lot of S Range figures.

It can be difficult to identify exactly which figure is which from the lsits, and I also wonder whether one or two of these typrs are not the earlier Minifigs 20mm figures. I am posting photos below of the major types from this collection which I have refurbished so far.

i will try to do some further work with old cataloguues to see if any of these are pictured and can be identified.

Standing in morion

Standing with drawn sword and lobster pot helmet

Clear identification - ECW 7s Halberdier and Axemen

Armoured pikemen in lobster pot with pistol

In morion with plume

Armoured in morion

Armoured in morion recieving

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Unit pictures - Franco Prussian War

Three units of S range Franco Prussian War figures.

First up, a pleasingly traditional Humbrol enamels paint job on these French infantry.

Second, a Prussian infantry battalion.

Fimally, a Wurttemburg infantry battalion. I was very puzzled by these figures in their unpainted state as at first I thought they were a variety of French infantry - perhaps the Chasseurs - but I knew the Chasseur was very different, with long tunic, tall shako and baggy trousers - and I couldn't find anything else they could be in the lsiting, until the penny dropped. I think I had bought them as Wurttemburgers, but put them aside and completely forgot when I got round to painting them.

Unit pictures - Seven Years War

This first picture is also in the previous (Jacobite Rising units) post. They are SYW Highland infantry - no grenadier figures in this unit

The remaining pictures are of FSW 5s and 6s, French Light Infantryman and officer. I bought these as two lots on ebay, the first marked as a Croat infantry unit and the second as Fusiliers de Montagne. The knneling figures in the Croat unit are lamming SYW figures and were a real bonus. With one exception the musket armed S range figures have had their bayonets removed. The hornist/bugkler does not appear in any S range list so I think is a conversion from the light infantryman figure.

The unit described as Fusiliers de Montagne are shown below. All the figures in this unit are S Range. The third photo shows a moore original example of the base figure with bayonet. The last photo shows the command group figures, with hornist and blunderbus conversions (an NCO?), the officer and musketeer, and the standard bearer, which again I have not found in any list I have seen, The flag pole he is carrying looks intrinsic to the figure so it is not at first glance a coversion of the basic infantryman figure.These command figures are interesting and contribute to a very attractive unit.

Unit pictures - Jacobite Rebellion

Three unit pictures - hanoverian infantry regiment, with their grenadiers but awaiting their drummer and colours: a unit if Highlandres; and a regiment of Government Highklanders. These last are SYW figures (ESW 12s and 13s).

Pictures added

New pictures have been added to a number of existing posts. These include FSW 5s and 6s (SYW), NS 5s and BNC 29s (Napoleonic); and FFP 8s. Some of these figures are also shown here.

Friday, 27 December 2013

The Growth of An Enterprise

This note by Don Featherstone on Miniature Figurines and Neville Dickinson is taken from the Wargamers Yearbook 1966/7.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Crimean War units - British Royal Horse Artillery

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Here is my British Artillery contingent - all horse artillery. I would have preferred at least some foot artillery but haven't been able to find any figures.

The artillery pieces are Hinchliffe 25mm Napoleonic models - I found I had four matching models, all I think at least 20 years old. Two of them were painted green but were nicely finished with chains etc. I think the RHA would have had 6 pdrs and these look like nines to me. But I think they will do, and if ever I did find some RA figures they can take ofver these and I'll try to find some sixes.

I'm really pleased how the artillery have come out with four crew on 20mm x 20mm MDF bases, the gun on a 40mm x 40mm base, and all in a 40mm x 80mm close order tray - a good compromise between individual figures and a gaming piece, and a much better solution for me than everything glued onto a single base.

Could I have finished....

... my Crimean War forces? At the risk of sounding like a Pooterish blogger who  assumes everyone is a little more interested in their every thought than is possibly the case I think the answer is a resounding ..."for now".

(click to enlarge the photos)

These have mainly been put together by buying a few largish collections, some ebay purchases, and some swaps, along with a little help from some friends. The figures have come from various sources, some painted and some unpainted. All are now painted to a reasonably neat standard. I really wanted too feel I had come to a finish, so I have drawn the line at repainting or at least neatening up some of the Russian infantry figures, which have had a quick refurb job rather than a full repaint. One of the beauties of the system I have ended up with of individually mounted figures on mdf bases grouped in units using War Bases excellent close order trays is that the figures can easily be repainted later.

I found some excellent flags from Adolfo Ramos (although these do not cover all the units I need) but made the logical mistake of ordering the 25mm versions - if I had my time again I would go for the 20mm option, as the 25mm ones are ever so slightly too large for the S range flag poles. Given they are a little pricey and have to come all the way from Spain it is not the easiest thing to put right.

So - flags still to do, but I think the figures themselves are all painted to a similar (basic) standard which look well enough together, with a good variety of troop types, and I like the effect of using singly based figures within unit sized movement trays. I could be tempted to build a French force at some time in the future (I have considerably more French for the Franco Prussian War than for the Crimea), and I would dearly love to have a Sardinian contingent of similar size to the Turkish one, but so far I have not been able to find the figures.