Monday, 9 February 2015

More German Franco Prussian War units

Prussian infantry
Silesian Rifles

More French Franco Prussian War units

Chasseurs a Pied
Naval Battalion
Zouaves as Turcos

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

N 1s Napoleon seated at table

Looking for all the world like someone who has gone off like Achilles to sulk in his tent only to finf like Sherlock Holmes that someone has nicked his tent, this characterful seated Napoleon lurks in catalogues and lists under "Staff Figures -all periods mounted" which is why it can be hard to find there.

OF8 - ACW Cantiniere

One of the slight oddities in the catalogue (and often quite hard to find there) is this ACW Cantiniere, code OF 8 (OF being "other figures").

Ride like an Egyptian

All the troop types you would need for your Mamelukes - L to R FNC 46s Guard Mameluke Trumpeter, FNC26s Guard Mameluke officer, and FNC 6s Guard Mameluke.

Seven Years War - or not

This post was meant to be a tribute to my first ever Seven Years War wargame, the Battle of Paltzig on the Tuesday before Christmas (write up and photos here) with some pictures of a unit of Prussian SYW Grenadiers acquired from ebay a while ago and waiting some refurbishment.

However, on inspection they turned out to be Marlburian Grenadiers painted up as Prussian SYW types, with three English SYW figures providing the command element.

The figures are Mal 4s Grenadier Advancing in Mitre, along with one each of ESW 3s English Line Grenadier Officer (missing sword), ESW 6s English Infantry Drummer in Mitre, and ESW 3s English Line Grenadier advancing, without musket which has been removed presumably in anticipation of concversion to a standard bearer.

A catalogue photograph of the Marlburian figure is here

Bare metal photos of the three ESW types can be found by using this link and scrolling down.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Unit picture - AWI Highlanders

A reasonably recent ebay purchase was this unit of AWI Highlanders in bonnet and trews. The infantryman and foot officer figures are from the AWI range (AWI 12s and AWI 15s). The piper and also I think the mounted officer are from the Jacobite Rebellion range.

The refurbishment involved leaving the trews as they were but repainting pretty much everything else, in my version of Fraser's Highlanders, the 71st Foot. The figures are mounted on pennies to fit into movement trays from Warbases.

I have a very soft spot for the AWI and SYW ranges, which are noticeably more slender sculpts than other ranges I particularly like, including the Jacobite Rebellion, Crimean and Franco Prussian figures.

Picture added - FFPC 2s Franco Prussian War French Dragoons

My thanks to Alan M for these figures which is has taken me a long time to find horses for, to paint, and then finally to photopgraph.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

ECWS 1s English Civil War General;

Lurking at the back of the S range catalogue under "Miscellaneous Figures" is this ECW general.

ECW units - horse

I recently accquired two large lots of S range figures at a very good price, which included a large number of ECW figures, along with others. The first lot mainly contained pikemen and artillerymen while the second lot from the same seller provided a large number of cavalry.

In a number of posts which follow are pictures of those figures I have refurbished so far. They comprise a good proportion of the figures in theS range  ECW list.

This post kicks off with two units of Royalist Horse, including figures ECWC 1s Cavalier, ECWC 6s Royalist Horse Trumpeter, and ECWS 1s English Civil War General. There are a couple of figures whose swords have been converted to pistols.

Then some pictures of individual figures

ECWC 2s Roundhead

ECWC 6s Royalist Horse Trumpeter

ECWC 9s Mounted Drummer

ECWS 1s English Civil War General

The Parliamentarian horse units are currently under refurbishment and I will add some pictures when they are completed.

ECW units - cuirassiers

Here are two Cuirassier units. The first are early one piece castings while the second unit uses figures which I think have come from the Thirty Years War range.

ECW units - rabble

With a couple of the later Minifigs in the last row, this is a useful assembly of rabble, militiia, villagers or clubmen. The majority of figures are either ECW 8s or 9s. i think they look rather well together.

Split identity - ECW dragoons

I have two different types of S range mounted dragoons, and two are listed - ECWC 4s Scottish Dragoon  and ECWC 5s English Dragoon. Throuble is - I don't know which is which. I regret the quality of the picture is not great either.

There is also a Scots cavalryman which does not appear on any S range list I have seen. It may be a jacobite Rebellion figure.

ECW Pikemenn

A variety of pikemen were included in the recent purchase of a large lot of S Range figures.

It can be difficult to identify exactly which figure is which from the lsits, and I also wonder whether one or two of these typrs are not the earlier Minifigs 20mm figures. I am posting photos below of the major types from this collection which I have refurbished so far.

i will try to do some further work with old cataloguues to see if any of these are pictured and can be identified.

Standing in morion

Standing with drawn sword and lobster pot helmet

Clear identification - ECW 7s Halberdier and Axemen

Armoured pikemen in lobster pot with pistol

In morion with plume

Armoured in morion

Armoured in morion recieving

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Unit pictures - Franco Prussian War

Three units of S range Franco Prussian War figures.

First up, a pleasingly traditional Humbrol enamels paint job on these French infantry.

Second, a Prussian infantry battalion.

Fimally, a Wurttemburg infantry battalion. I was very puzzled by these figures in their unpainted state as at first I thought they were a variety of French infantry - perhaps the Chasseurs - but I knew the Chasseur was very different, with long tunic, tall shako and baggy trousers - and I couldn't find anything else they could be in the lsiting, until the penny dropped. I think I had bought them as Wurttemburgers, but put them aside and completely forgot when I got round to painting them.