Thursday, 29 September 2016

PFPC 1s Prussian Cuirassier

These guys mean business but this might be because of their overlong swords.

FFPC 3s FPW French Hussar

This is (I am fairly sure) the French Hussar rather than the French Chasseur a Cheval, but if anyone could confirm either way I would be grateful. As well as FPW duties this unit will serve in my projected Georland campaigns.

I am in a particularly productive painting run of finishing off units which have been part done for a long time. I'm working on both the French and Egyptian campaign figures and my remaining FPW - small units of Prussian Dragoons and Bavarian Light Horse and a few Generals each side.

I have also done a second unit of French Dragoons (the first were green coated as Guard types, or a line unit in the older uniform. The photograph is too blurry so they will appear at some time in the future when I have been able to retake a better one.

Conscripted into Egyptian forces

I haven't been able to identify this S Range figure - either medieval or Renaissance I think - but I will be mixing them in with my Arab swordsmen units to give a bit of variety and possibly carry small standards to provide command figures and add more colour to the units.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

French Crimean War Line Infantry

My other French red trouser infantry are all Franco Prussian War. This small unit is of French Crimean Line Infantry - figures are FCR 1s, 2s and 9s - French line infantryman, officer and eagle bearer.

FCrC 2s Spahi

I was in two minds over these. They came in a large lot of figures, most of which were vintage S Range, but these were clearly pirated copies and not particularly well done -detail was not crisp. Ordinarially I might have thrown them away buton a whim I decided to paint them, and try them on the S Range charging horses which add a little elan. I think in the end they have come out ok and provide a colourful unit.

Along with my other Crimean and FPW units the intention is these will form part of the Georland forces once I get round to it.


I scared up a few S Range maleukes from the French Napoleonic range - FNC 6s Guard Mameluke, FNC 26s Guard Mameluke Officer, and FNC 42s Guard Mameluke Trumpeter, ready to do dual service as Egyptian Cavalry. I think I may have more of these somewhere in the loft (I know I have quite a few Hinton Hunt ones).

These weren't completely repainrted, more a quick refurbish.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Napoleon in Egypt - the French

Surely the most colourful French army ever.

First, Demi Brigade infantry and grenadiers (FR 10s, 11s and 12s):

Then Demi Brigade light infantry FR13s, some with more grenadiers FR10s

FR 14s Demi Brigade Riflemen:

FRC 1s French Dromedary Trooper - I probably have more of these than Napoleon had:

French Officers - these are Fine Scale Factory figures

French horse mounted general:

Things I still have to do: command bases - I have plenty of spare officer figures who will be given flags I currently have on order from Adolfo Ramos. Horse cavalry - I will look out some S Range Dragoons. There is a lovely one piece Lamming Hussar in Mirliton and if I can find some this will give me my light cavalry. I don't know what to do with artillery yet.

For the opposition I think I have some Mamelukes - I know I have a reasonable number of Hinton Hunt figures but I may also have some S range ones. Trip to the loft is called for. I have never been able to identify with confidence  FRC 6s Arab horse lancer and FRC 7s Syrian horse lancer. I have some S Range figures which may be Ancients but could stand in.

When I work out a decent way of photographing them en masse I will see if I can photograph the whole force together.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Minifigs S Range AWI 3s and 4s Massacheusetts Light Company

What collecting I hve been doing recently has focused on Minifigs S Range. Good honest figures i like nore and more each tinme I see them - and a tragedy that they should have been dropped for the misshapen chunky dwarves we now know as Minifigs and to which I attribute the blame for all the exaggeratedly big headed and handed miniatures of today.... Most of this collecting has been centred on the AWI, SYW and Hundred Years War ranges. This has enabled me to fill in many of the gaps in pictures on the figures of these ranges on my Lone S Ranger blog. The latest are these rather distinctive AWI Massacheusetts Light Company figures.
If this piques your interest, have a look over at the Lone S Ranger blog. If anyone has examples or photos of any of the figures for which I do not have pictures, I would be particularly glad to hear from you. I have also been busy painting around 200 medieval figures from the variios Hundred Years War (HYW, Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt) ranges. At some point I may put up some unit pictuires.

Egyptian Campaign

I've spent the last three weeks painting and refurbishing a large number of original French Revolution and Egypt range figures from a number of recent ebay wins.

First the Egyptians etc.:

FR 20s Arab with musket

FR 21s Syrian with musket - the largest contingent in my force

FR 22s Egyptian regular with musket - these are the Nizam e Cedit

FR 23s Arab with sword and shield

I have another 30 or so of these figures (sword and shield) to refurbish/repaint but I need to get some more 1p coins to base them on first.

The janissaries are from the Renaissance range (R 9s musketeer, R 10s archer, and R 11s officer) and I am waiting for another 40 or so to make up two units.

The guns at the top of this post are Miniature Figurines but I can't identify them 100%. There is a picture of them with converted gunners on the last page of George Gish's Renaissance Armies book

The only possibility I have found is MFA 1s Medieval Siege Gun (Mons Meg) and my doubt is that Mons Meg doesn't look like these.

I also need to give some attention to possible command figures. I don't currently have any cavalry figures.

Next up, when there is some decent light and I have time to take pictures, will be the French in Egypt - surely the most colourful French Army ever.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

ACW Unit - ACW 6s Marine on guard

These are a recent ebay purchase which arrived painted as two separtae Confederate militia battalions. They are retored to their propoer colours as a large battalion of US Marines - the officers are French Crimean ones. I hope this unit will also find a role (possibly split into two battalions) with the Georland forces.

These have been hanging around....

Two units which have been waiting part done for around six months while over things have jumped them in the queue - PFP 3s Saxon Line Infantry plus another PFP 5s Prussian Line Infantry. This finishes my current Franco Prussian War figures, with the exception of eight or so generals and staff figures.

 I am hoping these will form part of the forces for a refight of some of the Georland battles, now I have acquired both some of the old TSS 122 hex tiles and a 6" hex mat from Corsec Engineering. 

(George Keef's original Georland armies used 40mm demi ronde Franco Prussian War figures. If I was able to start from scratch I think I woould have gone for Spencer Smith 30mm Classic FPW figures as it is i am intending to use S Range Crimean and FPW figures, with a few ACW reinforcements - Zouaves and Marines).

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Help with ID please

Any help on this figure would be much appreciated. It has been suggested it might be an American War of Independence figure but the cut of the coat seems more French Napoleonic.

AWI 1s American War of Independence General

Monday, 4 May 2015

Hundred Years War Ranges Unit pictures

Over the last five to six weeks I have been painting S Range Hundred Years War figures and have now just about finished. I previously had been painting a large quantity of Lamming Medievals. The two makers are not compatible, to my eyes at least, so the S Range figures are intended for use with Lion Rampant rules, while the Lammings are intended to use the old Lamming Campaign rules. I have very few S Range mounted figures but far more Lamming knights.

Here are some unit pictures. As ever the painting is basic (no shading, no heraldry) and some of the photos are not as good as I would have liked, but the purpose is to show these figures en masse.

first picture: mounted knights

standard bearer

Then the missile troops:


armoured archers

unarmoured archers

hand gunners - early

hand gunners - late


armoured infantry with polearms

mixed unit pole weapons


foot knights and armoured infantry