Thursday, 12 December 2019

Mystery octagonal base horses

Fairly clearly a trotting horse in the S range style, with an earlier (I think) octagonal base shape - basically a rectangle with the four corners snipped off.

There is no legible code on the bottom of the base but I do wonder if this is a home recast, given the overall roughness of the base.


MSFoy said...

Clive - snipped corners. This is probably no help, but I thought I'd mention that I recently acquired a number of Napoleonic figures from Eric Knowles collection. Eric was happy to mix his manufacturers within a single unit - I found Greenwood & Ball and 20mm Minifigs (Alberkens?) mixed in with the Hinton Hunts - the effect is fine, but I observe that he systematically snipped the corners off the MF men and horses, presumably to match the rounded HH corners, and provide a more consistent appearance.

Among the old figures that occasionally crop up on eBay and elsewhere, there seem to have been a few common but unofficial practices among gamers in the 1960s; building up the bases of command figures and skirmishers with sheet lead (to improve stability?) is one, maybe smoothing sharp corners off was another?

Vintage Wargaming said...

Tony, I've got other horses with similar shaped bases and I am sure they are as issued, rather than rectangular bases which an owner has clipped at a later date. The edges on the corners and the straights look the same and are even slightly chamfered on the base, which wouldn't be the case with after purchase alteration.