Tuesday, 29 May 2018

French and Egypt bits and pieces

I'm trying to finish off my French Revolution and Egypt figures, particularly the French forces. I have been part way through for months two units of Hussars - S Range in Mirliton and Lamming Hussars in Mirlitons and finishing some standard bearers, using the FR 12s Demi Brigade Officer with some of the rather lovely Adolfo Ramos versions of the distinctive French flags.

When these are finally done I'll try to take some photos of both armies. As with the Landsknechts I resorted to modern figures from the Hagen Miniatures shop to provide some Ottoman artillery, with guns from Newline. I'm happy with these but for French guinners I thought I would just paint som S Range Austrian gunners, which would provide a better fit in style. I still have to source some guns for these figures.

There is a long and convoluted story about S Range ginners which I will probably disclose when I have the army finished - I am waiting for some guns from Kennington.

So first up: French (?) gunners:

Secondly, a figure I had never seen, until I acquired these late last year/early this year:

This is FRC 4s Arab camel Rider with Musket, which is a tremendously versatile and useful figure which would serve from 1790 to 1918 at least.

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Phil said...

Beautiful figures, and a beautiful period to play!