Monday, 29 January 2018

S Range Colonials

In the second half of last year one of my projects was my British and Empire S Range Colonial Force.

My main colonial armies are Jacklex but I was able to assemble a reasonable quantity of the S Range figures which I also like.

The standard British Colonial infantry lend themselves to variety through painting of different uniforms - so here we have standard British, Royal Marine Light Infantry, and Rifle Brigade versions.

Then you have to have some Highlanders


and Gurkhas

The five Gurkhas to the right are the S Range figures and the one on the left the Minifigs 20mm figure, which I prefer. I have fuller units of both types but I need to take more photos.

Finally you always need some mountain artillery

I don't currently have any S Range British Cavalry but I do have quite a few of these Minifigs 20mm lancers, as well as Indian counterparts - I'll just have to fund them before I can photgraph them.

Finally a rather stylish Minifigs 20mm Highlander officer.


Ross Mac said...

I do like their style!

Vintage Wargaming said...

They are pleasing in numbers

Phil said...

Great looking colonial figures!

Stryker said...

Love the Highlander officer! I may look out for some of these for my Boer War project!

Vintage Wargaming said...

Another left handed colonial officer...

lewisgunner said...

My that Highland officer looks like. Jacklex!!

Vintage Wargaming said...

I'm not so sure he does Roy, particularly in the metal. He's not charging around and he doesn't have a sword either. A very pleasing little figure though.