Friday, 19 January 2018

Field defences FSD 1s and FSD 2s Chevaux de Fruise and Stakes

I unexpectedly acquired these recently along with an S Range Napoleonic Austrian Army.

If you studied your S Range catalogue carefully you could find a section called Miscellaneous, which contained goodies including camp followers, generals of different periods, pack horses and oxen, and Napoleon sat at a table.

The above are FSD 1s and FSD 2s, Horse and Musket Period Field Defences, Chevaux de Frise - 60mm length at the back of the photograph - and Stakes - 55mm at the front.

These are heavy lumps of metal and I had never seen them before.

FSD 3s and 4s were gabions and fascines.

I need to repaint the bases to my standard Vallejo Intermediate Green to go with the rest of the army, which I rebased over the Christmas holiday on MDF pauinted in this colour.

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