Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Seven Years War - or not

This post was meant to be a tribute to my first ever Seven Years War wargame, the Battle of Paltzig on the Tuesday before Christmas (write up and photos here) with some pictures of a unit of Prussian SYW Grenadiers acquired from ebay a while ago and waiting some refurbishment.

However, on inspection they turned out to be Marlburian Grenadiers painted up as Prussian SYW types, with three English SYW figures providing the command element.

The figures are Mal 4s Grenadier Advancing in Mitre, along with one each of ESW 3s English Line Grenadier Officer (missing sword), ESW 6s English Infantry Drummer in Mitre, and ESW 3s English Line Grenadier advancing, without musket which has been removed presumably in anticipation of concversion to a standard bearer.

A catalogue photograph of the Marlburian figure is here

Bare metal photos of the three ESW types can be found by using this link and scrolling down.

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