Saturday, 10 May 2014

Unit picture - AWI Highlanders

A reasonably recent ebay purchase was this unit of AWI Highlanders in bonnet and trews. The infantryman and foot officer figures are from the AWI range (AWI 12s and AWI 15s). The piper and also I think the mounted officer are from the Jacobite Rebellion range.

The refurbishment involved leaving the trews as they were but repainting pretty much everything else, in my version of Fraser's Highlanders, the 71st Foot. The figures are mounted on pennies to fit into movement trays from Warbases.

I have a very soft spot for the AWI and SYW ranges, which are noticeably more slender sculpts than other ranges I particularly like, including the Jacobite Rebellion, Crimean and Franco Prussian figures.


Stryker said...

Great figures Clive!

Uwe said...

They look great, I think I could use them for my Cuddalore project in India 1783 too.