Monday, 11 June 2012

ECW Units

Here are a couple of units which have been painted for a couple of weeks, but which I have only just got round to photographing. Firdt up the hoi polloi - peasants with scythes and pitchforks. I'm thinking these could be generic ad hoc rural infantry and could be usable for other periods as well

Next up a large armoured infantry regiment.

I've also posted some pictures of another (non S Range) unit over on the Old Metal Detector. Pikemen and officer are Warrior, I'm sure: the identity of the musketeers is less certain.

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Springinsfeld said...

Lovely figures and a fascinating blog. I picked up a copy of Wesencraft's With Pike and Musket at the weekend which has some great pictures of these old Minifigs. (picture on the latest post of my irregular blog, Mercurius Atticus)