Monday, 28 May 2012

ECW Unit - one piece Lobsters

This unit shows the earlier one piece casting cavalry figures to advantage. Some of the flash which requires cleaning off (eg inside the sword arm) show why the move to separate riders might have improved things (and in theory allowed you to have more riders than horses, and re-use horses for whichever units you have on the table). In some circumstances separate riders are a little easier to paint. I don't have a particularly large number of S Range ECW figures. I am painting some of them up now (or refurbishing them) and I must say I like them more and more. They have a very pleasing look to them, are simple and paint up well. I acquired these figures in silver armour. I tried them with a more authentic blackened scheme but didn't like it, so went back to Vallejo Oily Steel.

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johnpreece said...

Nothing to do with your ECW figures, nice though they are.

I was painting a OPC Chasseur D Afrique today and noticed how much the saddlecloth and equipment changed on the seperate cavalryman.

Much more workmanlike (and authentic) including rolled cloak with tin on top. The OPC has a pointed saddle cloth with round cloak cover at the back. A la Hussar. Not wrong exactly but hardly ever seen.