Monday, 7 May 2012

Conrad Kinch in his comment on my comment on the previous post said he would like to see the IKEA trays I use for storage. No longar available as far as I know, they are in fact drawer inserts for wardrobe systems and came in two sizes - the one shown and the other slightly more than twice as wide. This larger size is too heavy when filled with metal figures so although I have some of these I use them for plastics only.

The dividers split the trays into 12 compartments. These are 12cm square so in my basing convention of 20mm x 20mm for foot, 20mm x 40mm for heavy cavalry and 30mm x 40mm for light cavalry can take 36 foot figures, 18 heavy cavalry or 12 lights per compartment. They are high enough to stack without damage to 20mm and usually 25mm infantry figures (unless with spears or pikes); you need to be more careful with cavalry. At some point I may post a picture from my loft showing them stacked up.

They are also useful for transporting troops. The first photo shows the tray accommodadting the Egyptian Campaign figures - the unpainted figures as well as the painted and based units. The other pictures show two Victory Without Quarter armies ready for a visit to Foy of Prometheus in Aspic, using Revell plastic 30 Years War figures along with a few Hinton Hunt and Les Higgins generals and officers.

The second picture shows the two trays loaded and side by side; the third shows them stacked; and the last two show the two armies, each of which will fit into one tray. Ignore the labels - I have reorganised the contents of these trays several times as (a) I can't get any more and (b) if I could, I would have nowhere to put them. Hinton Hunts are the priority tenants.

I also use A4 carboard boxes in two heights, one similar to box file size and the other 1½ times as high to accommodate those spearmen, pikemen, cavalry etc. I have moved over to Really Useful Boxes each with 4 tray inserts each of 15 compartments to store unpainted figures. I'm not expecting this post to be of general interest to may, but CK did ask...

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