Wednesday, 21 March 2012

French Revolution and Egyptian Campaign: Egyptian Campaign armies

I've now finished painting the Egyptian Campaign contingents.

The French include light infantry demi brigades, grenadiers, and dromedaires. The mounted general is an S Range Lasalle while the camel mounted Napoleon and general/aide are from Fine Scale Factory.

The opposition include Egyptian infantry, Bedouins, and Syrian infantry.


Big Andy said...

Very sweet- almost enough to make me an S range fan,

Stryker said...

These are fantastic Clive - do you have any display cabinets for your collection or are they all kept in the dark?

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Ian, no display cabinets - no room and too many soldiers. Also figures painted by me are not of display quality. Most things stay in the loft unless I am working on them. I have two storage systems - one are wooden trays (no longer available) which are drawers from an Ikea wardrobe system, with wooden dividers which slit them into 12 compartments. The other system are A4 carboard boxes and lids - same size as box files but cheaper. At some point I might take a picture or two of the loft, if there is any interest

Conrad Kinch said...

I'd be interested to see it. I work off the box files system myself.