Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Painting help please...Egypt Campaign Syrian Infantry

I find I have twelve of these figures and would like to paint them, but have no uniform reference for them. Can anyone provide any information and/or helpful suggestions? Thanks.

In particular i am not sure if they aren't wearing a breast and backplate, and also what metal their helmets would be.


Big Andy said...

Non- uniform turkish style so plenty of white They look to be wearing helmets - these would be metal Sashes any colour you like but Green- same for helmet turbans See the Cairo Janisarries in the OGUK website for the general idea.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Thanks Andy that's helpful


lewisgunner said...

Are thet dismounted Mamlukes?? From the French in Egypt range? I suspect they have quite bright colours with reds greens and blues. Maybe white trousers.
They appear to have Char Aina armour which would be steel with gildig on it same for the helmet.


lewisgunner said...