Saturday, 22 May 2010

John Cross review of S Range and 30mm figures, Scale Models Magazine August 1970


johnpreece said...

Most interesting, and delightful photographs. The Seven years War range suddenly comes flooding back. I have seen those figures, but where and when.

How I wish I still had the catalogue referred to. It really was a mine of information, by the standards of the times.

Big Andy said...

I realise I have a small bundle of the 30mm figures all Napoleonics-mostly highlanders and Guard Chasseurs a cheval - without horses. All have their arms. Now if I new where I'd got 'em from .

The Old Metal Detector said...

Andy, I think Minifigs in the States had re-released some of the 30mm figures - maybe you coukld pick up some horses.



Big Andy said...

Clive- Thanks I'd forgotten that. I'll have a look. Andy