Sunday, 21 February 2010

Help Please!

For a while I have been wishing I had seen some of the cavalry figures from the French Revolution and Egyptian Campaign range. Then in a small moment of lucidity I wondered if these figures might actually be one or some of FRC 6s (Arab Horse Lancer) or FRC 7s (Syrian Horse Lancer). They come from a Colonial collection I bought a while ago, which included many conversions, eg from British Napoleonic Alberken infantry, and gems like Crimean Spahis and Chasseurs d'Afrique. I had always assumed that these figures, which are clearly S Range, would be Ancient types, of which I have almost no knowledge. However, on looking at the catalogue I can't see what else these figures could be, apart form the Egyptian Campaign figures. Can anyone help clear this up with a more definitive identification?

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