Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ancient Period range

The story of S Range Ancients figures is not simple. It seems that most figures went through 2 versions within the S Range, the original figures starting in 1968. To begin with, cavalry figures were one piece castings, and these were replaced by dismountable figures (separate horses and riders) in 1971. Original version infantry figures tended to be in less animated poses than their remodelled versions. These remodelled versions are not to be confused with the later (current) Miniature Figurines 25mm Ancients range.

In around 1972 the S Range figures were largely replaced by the Phil Barker inspired PB range. These continued in production until the mid 1970s, before being replaced by the new 25mm standard figures.

The posts below for figures from this range have been illustrated where possible with recent colour photographs of vintage figures, or contemporary black and white illustrations from Miniature Figurines catalogues. Where possible it has been stated whether the pictures are of the original version, or later remodelled version, of these S Range figures.

My thanks to Harry Pearson for explaining these ins and outs, for information from Vintage 20 mil, and for many of the new photographs of old figues in this section.

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Stryker said...

It's great to see these pics from the old Minifigs Catalogue again Clive. They were a real inspiration to me at the time. Great bit of nostalgia...