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Uncoded - packs for mules 1-4 and the rocket's red glare

The photos above show (L to R) - head on and then sideways on:

Pack 1 Wheel Pack
Pack 2 Body Pack
Pack 3 Ammunition Pack with Ammunition Boxes and Poles
Pack 4 Rocket Pack with Ammunition Box and Rocket Containers

These were listed without codes as Packs for Mules @ 5p each without Mule & Gun (this was to distinguish them from the Colonial Artillery set  CFA 4s Pack Set of 3 Mules with Barrel, Wheels, Body and Ammo Packs). This included one each of Packs 1,2 and 3, along with 23 mules (I am currently unclear whether this was the same animal as NFAH 2s pack Horse - from the single model I have, compared to the catalogue photo of CFA 4s below it seems to be the same model but with two different descriptions).

CFA 4s - from L to R Packs 2, 1 and 3


Unfortunately taken from the other side but I think clearly enough the same animal

If you bought these items (the packs) separately you also had to provide your own animals and gun model separately.

It was also possible to use Pack 4 along with BNC 10s Mounted Rocket Batteryman and normal cavalry horses to form a mounted Rocket Troop, as below.

The photo below appears in the catalogue but isn't ;listed as a set so I think this was put together from these other components..

There was one specific foot Rocket Batteryman figure listed, BN 34s carrying rocket.

To complete your Rocket Units, S range also offered:

NFA 7s   Rocket Launcher
NFA 17s British Rocket Battery Caisson
NFA 18s Siege Rocket Launcher
SFA 8s    British Rocket Battery Caisson Set of Caisson, Limber, 4 Horses and 2 Drivers
SFA 13s  Rocket Battery Set of Launcher and Three Crew
SFA 14s  Siege Rocket Launcher Set of Launcher and Three Crew

Clearly there were two further Rocket Batterymen on foot which were only available in the sets (as I have seen a figure firing the rocket which does not appear in the BN lists). I think the difference between siege and standard rocket launcher models may have been been the angle of firing, the regular being lower than the siege ones.

These are both marked NFA 7.

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