Wednesday 2 September 2020

Alan Cook

I wanted to register my sadness at hearing of the passing of Alan Cook of the ABC Wargamers' blog, after a long illness.

Alan amongst other things was a great S Range man with an unerring eye for conversion possibilities and huge skill in carrying them out. He sent me some of his pieces, including a wonderful Franco Prussian War ambulance, which I will treasure.

His later Nineteenth Century armies were stunning and stand testament to the man.

If you would like to mark his passing I suggest you go over to the blog and look at some of his work.

I never met him personally, only by email and internet, but he was unfailingly friendly, courteous, and helpful. I can only start to imagine what his family and friends must be feeling.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

A great loss to the hobby.

Rob said...

Very sad - like you we had only corresponded but on finding out we didn't live that far apart were planning on meeting up early this year but then Covid lock-down happened and finally he took a turn for the worse. He showed a great sense of humour through it all and I feel really missed out in never meeting him.