Thursday, 8 September 2016

Napoleon in Egypt - the French

Surely the most colourful French army ever.

First, Demi Brigade infantry and grenadiers (FR 10s, 11s and 12s):

Then Demi Brigade light infantry FR13s, some with more grenadiers FR10s

FR 14s Demi Brigade Riflemen:

FRC 1s French Dromedary Trooper - I probably have more of these than Napoleon had:

French Officers - these are Fine Scale Factory figures

French horse mounted general:

Things I still have to do: command bases - I have plenty of spare officer figures who will be given flags I currently have on order from Adolfo Ramos. Horse cavalry - I will look out some S Range Dragoons. There is a lovely one piece Lamming Hussar in Mirliton and if I can find some this will give me my light cavalry. I don't know what to do with artillery yet.

For the opposition I think I have some Mamelukes - I know I have a reasonable number of Hinton Hunt figures but I may also have some S range ones. Trip to the loft is called for. I have never been able to identify with confidence  FRC 6s Arab horse lancer and FRC 7s Syrian horse lancer. I have some S Range figures which may be Ancients but could stand in.

When I work out a decent way of photographing them en masse I will see if I can photograph the whole force together.

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