Sunday, 4 September 2016

Egyptian Campaign

I've spent the last three weeks painting and refurbishing a large number of original French Revolution and Egypt range figures from a number of recent ebay wins.

First the Egyptians etc.:

FR 20s Arab with musket

FR 21s Syrian with musket - the largest contingent in my force

FR 22s Egyptian regular with musket - these are the Nizam e Cedit

FR 23s Arab with sword and shield

I have another 30 or so of these figures (sword and shield) to refurbish/repaint but I need to get some more 1p coins to base them on first.

The janissaries are from the Renaissance range (R 9s musketeer, R 10s archer, and R 11s officer) and I am waiting for another 40 or so to make up two units.

The guns at the top of this post are Miniature Figurines but I can't identify them 100%. There is a picture of them with converted gunners on the last page of George Gish's Renaissance Armies book

The only possibility I have found is MFA 1s Medieval Siege Gun (Mons Meg) and my doubt is that Mons Meg doesn't look like these.

I also need to give some attention to possible command figures. I don't currently have any cavalry figures.

Next up, when there is some decent light and I have time to take pictures, will be the French in Egypt - surely the most colourful French Army ever.

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