Tuesday, 16 June 2015

These have been hanging around....

Two units which have been waiting part done for around six months while over things have jumped them in the queue - PFP 3s Saxon Line Infantry plus another PFP 5s Prussian Line Infantry. This finishes my current Franco Prussian War figures, with the exception of eight or so generals and staff figures.

 I am hoping these will form part of the forces for a refight of some of the Georland battles, now I have acquired both some of the old TSS 122 hex tiles and a 6" hex mat from Corsec Engineering. 

(George Keef's original Georland armies used 40mm demi ronde Franco Prussian War figures. If I was able to start from scratch I think I woould have gone for Spencer Smith 30mm Classic FPW figures as it is i am intending to use S Range Crimean and FPW figures, with a few ACW reinforcements - Zouaves and Marines).

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A.W. KITCHEN said...

Beautiful nostalgic figures ! , Tony