Monday, 4 May 2015

Hundred Years War Ranges Unit pictures

Over the last five to six weeks I have been painting S Range Hundred Years War figures and have now just about finished. I previously had been painting a large quantity of Lamming Medievals. The two makers are not compatible, to my eyes at least, so the S Range figures are intended for use with Lion Rampant rules, while the Lammings are intended to use the old Lamming Campaign rules. I have very few S Range mounted figures but far more Lamming knights.

Here are some unit pictures. As ever the painting is basic (no shading, no heraldry) and some of the photos are not as good as I would have liked, but the purpose is to show these figures en masse.

first picture: mounted knights

standard bearer

Then the missile troops:


armoured archers

unarmoured archers

hand gunners - early

hand gunners - late


armoured infantry with polearms

mixed unit pole weapons


foot knights and armoured infantry


MSFoy said...

Terrific to see the range set out like that - a very attractive army. Having two sets of armies for the same period is very special!

Thanks for posting these - excellent.

Uwe said...

I aggree with Foy. They would make a good addition to my armies too:-)