Sunday, 8 March 2015

Identification help please - Hundred Years War cavalry

I have a number of cavalry figures from the Hundred Years War range and Crecy, Poitiers and possibly Agincourt sub ranges. As they carry no code numbers and there are a number of figures with similar descriptions, I have not been able to identify any of them with confidence, If anyone can therfore identify any of the following figures with any authority, I would be very glad to hear from you via comments. The sixth figure down is holding a sword down his side, obscured by the camera angle - sorry!


David Sullivan said...

I couldn't tell you what they are, but I have to say that they're darned handsome figures for their day. I still recall fondly the Minifigs WOR range. They had a kind of chubby, squat look that was oddly appealing.

Good fortune to have found some of these figgies and good luck tracking down what they are.

Colin said...

Don't know what they are but I had loads back when I was a teenager!