Saturday, 21 March 2015

Figure identification help - one piece casting cavalry figures

I recently picked up these figures and haven't been able confidently to match them up to listings. Can anyone help? The first figure looks Byzantine/early medieval The second Renaissance or Medieval And the last Eaatern Ancient, Medieval or Renaissance
Any help would be appreciated.


lewisgunner said...

Hi, I think the first one is Russian knight in Swan Helmet.
I think the third is another Russian ir Tartar. They 1 and 3 are from a range that Minifigs priduced with horses strangely compatible to Hinton Hunt before S Range. The second figure looks very S range with the new Minifigs horse that had a very robust style.

The range that preceded the PBs had a Goth lancer, a Pole ,( 10th century) , a Hun, various Tartar types and the Russians , and a Persian cavalryman that I have uaed as a Mameluke!

Vintage Wargaming said...

Thanks Roy that's very interesting