Saturday, 1 February 2014

Unit pictures - Seven Years War

This first picture is also in the previous (Jacobite Rising units) post. They are SYW Highland infantry - no grenadier figures in this unit

The remaining pictures are of FSW 5s and 6s, French Light Infantryman and officer. I bought these as two lots on ebay, the first marked as a Croat infantry unit and the second as Fusiliers de Montagne. The knneling figures in the Croat unit are lamming SYW figures and were a real bonus. With one exception the musket armed S range figures have had their bayonets removed. The hornist/bugkler does not appear in any S range list so I think is a conversion from the light infantryman figure.

The unit described as Fusiliers de Montagne are shown below. All the figures in this unit are S Range. The third photo shows a moore original example of the base figure with bayonet. The last photo shows the command group figures, with hornist and blunderbus conversions (an NCO?), the officer and musketeer, and the standard bearer, which again I have not found in any list I have seen, The flag pole he is carrying looks intrinsic to the figure so it is not at first glance a coversion of the basic infantryman figure.These command figures are interesting and contribute to a very attractive unit.

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