Sunday, 2 February 2014

ECW units - horse

I recently accquired two large lots of S range figures at a very good price, which included a large number of ECW figures, along with others. The first lot mainly contained pikemen and artillerymen while the second lot from the same seller provided a large number of cavalry.

In a number of posts which follow are pictures of those figures I have refurbished so far. They comprise a good proportion of the figures in theS range  ECW list.

This post kicks off with two units of Royalist Horse, including figures ECWC 1s Cavalier, ECWC 6s Royalist Horse Trumpeter, and ECWS 1s English Civil War General. There are a couple of figures whose swords have been converted to pistols.

Then some pictures of individual figures

ECWC 2s Roundhead

ECWC 6s Royalist Horse Trumpeter

ECWC 9s Mounted Drummer

ECWS 1s English Civil War General

The Parliamentarian horse units are currently under refurbishment and I will add some pictures when they are completed.

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