Sunday, 2 February 2014

ECW Pikemenn

A variety of pikemen were included in the recent purchase of a large lot of S Range figures.

It can be difficult to identify exactly which figure is which from the lsits, and I also wonder whether one or two of these typrs are not the earlier Minifigs 20mm figures. I am posting photos below of the major types from this collection which I have refurbished so far.

i will try to do some further work with old cataloguues to see if any of these are pictured and can be identified.

Standing in morion

Standing with drawn sword and lobster pot helmet

Clear identification - ECW 7s Halberdier and Axemen

Armoured pikemen in lobster pot with pistol

In morion with plume

Armoured in morion

Armoured in morion recieving

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