Sunday, 29 September 2013

Crimean War units - British Royal Horse Artillery

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Here is my British Artillery contingent - all horse artillery. I would have preferred at least some foot artillery but haven't been able to find any figures.

The artillery pieces are Hinchliffe 25mm Napoleonic models - I found I had four matching models, all I think at least 20 years old. Two of them were painted green but were nicely finished with chains etc. I think the RHA would have had 6 pdrs and these look like nines to me. But I think they will do, and if ever I did find some RA figures they can take ofver these and I'll try to find some sixes.

I'm really pleased how the artillery have come out with four crew on 20mm x 20mm MDF bases, the gun on a 40mm x 40mm base, and all in a 40mm x 80mm close order tray - a good compromise between individual figures and a gaming piece, and a much better solution for me than everything glued onto a single base.

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