Sunday, 29 September 2013

Crimean War units - British light cavalry

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I was resolved to have British cavalry regiments represented by two squadrons of four figures, but was undone by having more of some figures already to hand.

I have had no success in finding the British Light Dragoon figure, so I cannot as yet claim to field the Light brigade.

There are two troop types, Hussars and Lancers, each with both one piece and two piece casting units.

I think I have another 12 or 15 of the two piece hussars sitting in a box of assorted Napoleonic cavalry somewhere.


Stryker said...

Clive - simply superb, how fantastic to have your own Light Brigade...

Vintage Wargaming said...

Only when I find some light dragoons (who were my favourite from the Charge of the Light Brigade Instant Picture Book).