Sunday, 29 September 2013

Crimean War Russians

Click on photos to enlarge.

 My Russian infantry regiments are of three large battalions of 36 with an additional 4 man command stand. The Cossack horde includes some Napoleonic figures (the last line).

The regular cavalry include guard and line dragoons, along with line hussars.

The Russian Generals are Prussians from the FPW range.

 I have a large force of Russian gunners painted up but I am lacking artillery pieces for them - I currently have quite a lot of Hinchliffe French Napoleonic pieces but these aren't satisfactory. I wonder if Tumbling Dice might be the best option - but I haven't seen them and am not sure whether they will sell them to me without crews.

 I do have plenty of Adolfo Ramos flags for the infantry, I just have to replace or extend the flagpoles slightly first. I should have ordered them in 20 mm rather than 25mm.

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