Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hussar id help please

Can anyone help identify this hussar? The figure is an officer (no carbine) which suggests he must be either French or British - the S Range Napoleonics had no officer figures for other nations.
My identification would be BNC 11s British Hussar Officer. I realise I have no photos posted of this figures but I suspect these guys are also this figure:
I have another very similar figure but looking ahead rather than to the side. I'm only working off the pictures now, rather than locating the figures themselves _ I don't know but I suspect these are two variants of the same figure rather than two differnet figures. v class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
If anyone can give a definitive answer, then I (and Alan, wo sent me the first four pictures) will be very grateful. I'm sorry the text and pictures are all squashed up - can't seem to sort this out. Looking down the page I see blogger has done this to most of the last few posts here.


Ross Mac said...

Sorry no answer just another question. Any chance that the one with the arm to the side is the French Guard Chasseurs a cheval officer? I admit doesn't have a leopard skin but he has that air.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Ross, there is a picture of this figure (Garde Chasseur a Cheval Officer) here - if you enter FNC 33s it should come up. This figure is looking straight ahead and the shabraque etc is different

Uwe said...

he is painted as an adjutant of a marechal. Maybe there was such a figure in the old range too?


Uwe said...

In the meantime I found another option.

The uniform is that of a hungarian General 1815, so maybe an Austrian.