Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New arrival

I am indebted to Harry for a copy of a very early Miniature Figurines catalogue. This includes the HO/OO range (20mm); the first S Range figures (Ancients, Hundred Years War, Medieval, English Civil War, Jacobite Rebellion, Seven Years War, American War of Independence, Napoleonic, Crimean, and Franco-Prussian War), 30mm wargames figures with moveable arms, and some 54mm figures. It includes some brief uniform and painting notes.

Prices are given in pounds, shillings and pence but also with decimal equivalents, which suggests it dates from just before decimalisation, which happened on 15th February 1971.

The catalogue is particularly notable for having 21 black and white photographs of S Range figures with code numbers attached - this is very rare and gives some definitive identifications for some Jacobite Rebellion, Seven Years War, and other figures.

I have posted these photographs below, and will shortly add them to the previous posts for each of these figures.

The catalogue also states the intention of changing all cavalry figures to separate riders and horses. All the illustrated mounted figures are one piece castings.

As mentioned on Vintage Wargaming, I have also tracked down a couple of copies of the Miniature Figurines House Magazine Minimag, from a year or two later. In due course I hope to post some of the plates, of Peter Heath line drawings, and come of the articles and uniform notes contained in them.


johnpreece said...

On the subject of catalogues and sorting. Once more this morning I used your site to help with identifying Mini figs, this time a Crimean Russian Gun crew.

I have a lot with some very high quality conversions in it and time and again you have proved a life saver in finding the originals.

Many thanks for all your work and please be assured it is very much appreciated.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Thanks John. That Crimean War range is one of my all time favourites. I must see about trying my vintage renges Crimeans out with Command and Colours napoleonic - I think it might work quite well