Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mystery SYW cavalry figures

Thanks to Tony of Prometheus in Aspic, who sent these figures, which had been soldiering on as a Spanish Napoleonic Dragoon Regiment.

Following earlier posts, here and following, I am not much the wiser about identifying the Seven Years War cavalry figures. It seems most likely that these are SYW , and there are two types, distinguished mainly by their saddles.

The personality figure seems most likely to be SYWS 1, Seven Years War general. The second type (photos 3 & 4) have a particularly long saddle cloth, although the effect of this is exaggerated by the lower part of their holsters being painted in the same colours as their horses. As ever, if anyone has any definitive information on these figures, please could you leave a comment.

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DC said...


Nothing remotely definitive, but...the blokes with the smaller saddlecloth look Napoleonic to me - they're wearing bicornes surely, and the lack of collar and turnbacks hints at later than 18th c. as well..? The other figures could be Prussian dragoons but could be later than SYW too. Hmmm...not very helpfull...