Friday, 8 October 2010

APhC 2s Philistine Ox Chariot (continued)

Thanks very much to Harry Pearson for sending me this unassembled example of the Philistine Ox Chariot. I have also added this picture to the original post here

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johnpreece said...

Presumably Harry was flooded with with sets after his appeal on Radio four? Makes a welcome change from floods or lifeboats.

Isn't it fantastic? Maybe I am am a romantic old fool but when I look at those primitive but powerful oxen, they seem faithful to the 'feel' of the period.

There are some brilliant modern sculptors about, but when you look at their products it is always first and foremost a Fred Blogs figure, not a Frenchman or a medieval figure.

Ted Suren used to sculpt figures that were primarily of their time. Mind you, all I am saying that being very talented does not make you a genius.

I would say that some of the Perry late medieval sculpts show their reenacting experience and are as good as anything I have ever seen.

Sorry, rambling somewhat here.