Sunday, 26 September 2010

Range - XVI Century Renaissance

A mid size range with 9 mounted and 12 foot figures. They were often featured in George Gush's long running Renaissance Armies series in Airfix Magazine 1972-4 (although figures from Warrior were at least equally prominent).

I have only sketchy coverage of this range and some pictures have been taken from the Airfix magazine series or from the S Range catalogue. If anyone is able to provide pictures of any of the remaining figures I would be glad to hear from you.

There are also two figures mounted figures I have which may have come from this range. if anyone could identify them I would be grateful.

The first figure is identified in Airfix Magazine as a Border Horseman but I have not been able to identify this against any figure in this or other S Range series (medieval or Thirty Years War).

The second figure is an armoured knight or lancer.

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