Friday, 10 September 2010

Linoleum and Araldite

An hour spent profitably this evening with a pair of sidecutters removing linoleum bases which had been araldited to some old figures confirmed an exciting find. A deal with Harry for some old S Range English Civil war figures he had picked up from e-bay a while ago included a contingent of Scots. Around half of these are ECW 17s and 19s archers and swordsmen, but removing the linoleum and squinting at the bases confirmed what I had hoped for, that the other figures were from the small Jacobite Rebellion range.

I have added pictures of individual figures to the original blog posts for these codes. I now against all expectations have a small Jacobite force as a counterweight to the 1745 24th Foot, posted earlier here.

I still have neither figures nor photos of JR 4s and 12s (Highlander in kilt with musket, and Highlander attacking), JR 11s Hanoverian Grenadier advancing, and JRC 2s Prince's Lifeguard and JRC 3s, Hanoverian Dragoon.If anyone has these figures and can supply photographs, I would be very glad to receive them, as usual using the "contacting The Old Metal Detector" details given in the right hand column of this blog.

There is also an ECW piper figure (ECW 18s) and I can't guarantee that the figure pictured is not this one - my example has no code scratched on the underside of its base, and also looks as if it might be pirated or home cast. I don't know whether the pipers in the two ranges were the same figure coded differently, pr different figures.

On the positive side I now seem to dispose of more Jacobite cavalry than either of the Pretenders...

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