Wednesday, 13 May 2009

AG 12s Gaul axeman


lewisgunner said...

He's an ancient German Didn't they have a separate listing??

Uwe said...

Surely no celt. The hairstyle is a Frank from the 5th century.

The Old Metal Detector said...


The only two Ancient axemen figures listed are AG 12s Gaul Axeman and AF 1s Frank Axeman advancing. If you use the "look for" section on this blog's home page and click on "code - AF" you will see the illustration from the old S Range catalogue of the Frank, which is clearly not this figure. (This photograph is attributed in the catalogue to AF 1s, and though I no longer have them I used to have some examples of this figure, clearly marked AF 1s.)


Neither of the S Range catalogues I have contain any listings, separate or not, for Ancient Germans.

This only leaves the Gaul axeman for this figure. I can't comment on the accuracy of the figure (Ancients are not my thing) but I am reasonably confident the figure illustrated is AG 12s. The picture and original ID came from Harry P so I feel this is pretty authoritative.

Of course, if someone could produce a separate German list, or an actual example of the figure with a different code scratched on its base, I could be persuaded.