Thursday, 9 April 2009

Announcement: Vintage Wargaming blog

You may have noticed things have been slow on the three figure blogs recently. This has partly been due to pressure of work at the end of the financial year, but also because of a decision to develop a fourth Old Wargaming blog, Vintage Wargaming.

The response on the blogs to posting ephemera such as catalogue listings, painting instructions and other such items made me think there may be considerable interest (albeit perhaps from a small number of people) in much of the old paper based material on wargaming in and from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. This was coupled with realising that although wargamers do tend to accumulate this stuff, the likelihood of it surviving is decreasing rapidly and it may be hard to access it easily.

I then came into a large amount of “interesting” material which had been collected by someone else with the intention of developing an existing website further, with old articles, reviews, advertisements etc. For various reasons the person who had collected it all is unable to proceed with this, so they have passed it on to me.

This is a treasure trove of interesting stuff, and adds to similar material I had assembled myself. Among the hoard are large numbers of early wargames magazines and I am glad to say a number of copyright holders have agreed to my use of this material on the blog.

I hope you will visit Vintage Wargaming, and if you find it interesting bookmark it and keep an eye on developments.

I fully intend to continue with the Hinton Hunter, the Lone S Ranger, and the Old Metal Detector blogs, which will be the first home of figure related information. The new blog will free myself from some self imposed restrictions (for example I feel I should concentrate on figures which are not currently in production) and preserve a wider range of old wargaming information in parallel to cataloguing old figure ranges. There may be some cross over and some material will appear both on the Vintage Wargaming and the appropriate figure blog; I hope you will bear with this, as some people may only have an interest in one blog or the other.

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Maverick Collecting said...

Excellant! Old School! I'll where's my copy of An Introduction to Battlegaming by Ubermiester Wise!!!!