Friday, 6 February 2009

Sword replacement

I have put three posts over on the Hinton Hunter about replacing broken or over sized swords on figures, illustrated by these pictures of S Range ACW officers. The first shows a repaired figure; the second this one, together with a similar figure waiting for repair, and a sprue of the sabres from Musket Miniatures.

I have never had any success with the "pin sword" technique, so have been very pleased with the results of using sabres from Musket Miniatures in the States. I removed the remainder of the sword hilt from the figure's hand. I then cut the handle of the new sword away with a pair of sidecutters leaving the blade with guard attached. This provided enough surface area for a strong bond using superglue.
This was just an experiment but I am now intending to root out all the figures which would benefit from a similar procedure.

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