Monday, 16 February 2009

S Range Napoleonic Cavalry

I have made individual posts below for Napoleonic cavalry figures.

These can be hard to identify or distinguish, as the riders do not carry code numbers and hussars or lancers of different nationalities can look very similar.

Therefore there are likely to be some mistakes in the identifications below, although every effort has been made to check out the figures pictured. Where possible I have looked at the horse furniture, compared with current range Minifigs figures, and asked others for identifications on some figures. Any mistakes however are my own. If you know a figure has been misidentified, please let me know.

Another reason cavalry figures can be hard to identify is that the quantity and quality of uniform information generally available in the 70s, and wargamers' rigour in using what was available, was probably less than is common practice now. Painted figures picked up second hand may be in misleading colour schemes.

The pictures I have used have come from three sources:

  1. photographs from contemporary catalogues (two editions)
  2. photographs of unpainted vintage figures
  3. photographs of painted vintage figures
This numbering reflects my preferred hierarchy for identification purposes.

Where catalogue pictures are shown I am 100% confident in their attribution.

As explained above, I feel unpainted figures may be more helpful for identification purposes than painted ones.

I will be adding pictures to these posts as they become available and where I am reasonably confident of an accurate identification.

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