Tuesday, 23 December 2008

American Civil War Range

Over on the Hinton Hunter blog I am charting progress on an ACW project, trying to make something of around 4-500 mostly very rough castings. I also have a number of vintage figures from this era from S Range and from other manufacturers, and am hoping they will all work well together. I am eagerly waiting for some Musket Miniatures (Stone Mountain) artillery piees from the States to equip my gunners.
The S Range American Civil War range stretched to around 25 foot igures and four mounted. Given that most figures can (and were) painted to represent either side this was a very reasonable coverage for the period. There are some large gaps in the examples I have of this range - no cavalry figures for example - so any pictures anyone could provide to fill these gaps will be most welcome.
I have a number of completed units of S Range, Hinton Hunt and other manufacturers' figures. Some of these will need reorganisation with spare figures when painted, swapping officers etc. I will post pictures of these units on all three blogs as part of the ACW project.

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